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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

Without sufficient oxygen, our body’s cells are unable to produce the energy they need to sustain life, and soon all functions cease. Should our bodies be deprived of oxygen in suboptimal amounts over a long period of time, then we will experience chronic whole-body inflammation and an energy shortage. Symptoms that this is happening may include chronic pain, joint aches, physical and mental sluggishness, brain fog, and/or wounds and injuries that just won’t heal. If cells are forced to live in an environment where there is not enough oxygen (or worse, when combined with a lack of nutrients due to a poor diet), then instead of dying, cells will survive by adapting and may turn into cancer cells in order to live in poisonous conditions. 

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy increases heart rate to provide more blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to the far reaches of the body as the person breathes in super oxygen-rich air (85% oxygen as opposed to 21% at normal sea level atmosphere) through a specially designed mask.  


Benefits are increased when exercising while switching from high oxygen levels to periods of lower oxygen levels (15% O2)

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