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Don’t Suffer Needlessly From Chronic Bone-On-Bone Joint Pain or the Pins and Needles of Peripheral Neuropathy Anymore. Now There’s An Advanced Way To Address Arthritis and Nerve Damage That Gives Long-Lasting Results Without Toxic Drugs Or Surgery.

Are you tired of the pain of bone-on-bone knee pain and told the only solution is to have knee replacement surgery?

Tired of suffering from the low back, hip, or leg pain due to Spinal Stenosis or Disc Degeneration / Arthritis and told you just have to “live with it?”

Is the pain and limitations of Frozen Shoulder keeping you up at night and frustrated during the day?

Are you afraid of falling because you can’t feel your feet anymore because of Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms due to diabetes, chemo treatment, or an autoimmune disorder?

We treat chronic neurological conditions such as those above with Trigenics Functional Neurology procedures, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and state-of-the-art therapies to help heal and restore normal nerve, muscle and joint function.

We now have Medicare-approved treatment plans available.

Get back to your normal active life with friends and family and don’t be left out because of chronic pain and arthritis. See if you qualify for Trigenics Functional Neurology, Platelet-Rich Plasma and/or Medicare-approved treatment plan. Call Today or Sign Up for one of our Informational Workshops.


Whole Health and Dr Moran have changed my life. I had several knee injections over the last few years. Synvisc and Cortisone both and they helped for a while. I am bone on bone so I was facing a very "NOT WANTED" knee replacement surgery. Saw Dr Moran's ad on FB and thought there wasn't anything to lose that's for sure!!! So for $68 for first exam and consult went in for appointment! So thankful I did....Dr Moran very caring and sincere about wanting to help me get well... again. After first appointment/treatment I was feeling better. Now my injury is over six years old so it will take some time to get well......But his positive attitude, caring and determination to help me is amazing and my attitude has continued to be positive also. In the last week or so feel I have gone over the hump to wellness. I have a ways to go yet but know with his treatments and support will get there. I will be back on my horse and competing again. I am no spring chicken either so it does take more time to heal as we get older. Very very positive experience, can't say enough good about Dr. Moran and all the staff at Whole Health. Love them all!


This place rocks, I needed surgery as I couldn't do stairs without a great deal of pain. Doc (Doctor Moran) has done an outstanding job on my knee along with his assistants!!!

Will Kleehammer

Dr Moran has been a great help to me! I had shoulder strain and rotator cuff injury 4 years ago. After many treatments with physical therapy, exercise and anti-inflammatory meds it was still painful...After seeing Dr Moran for a series of chiropractic treatments and some advice regarding some nutritional changes, I am happy to say I am nearly pain-free! I highly recommend Dr Moran's care and holistic approach!

Thomas L.

I cannot even tell you how amazing the difference is between yesterday and today! I feel like a completely new person! So thank you so much Dr. Moran


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Frequently Asked Questions

Trigenics is the use of three known therapies applied simultaneously in order to re-connect the brain with the injured and dysfunctional body part so that normal function is restored. Trigenics re-sets the nerve pathways to be more efficient than how the body has compensated and adapted to an injury. This process often results in immediate decrease in pain and increased range of motion.

Trigenics improves and optimizes the brain’s use of neurological pathways and re-sets the “gamma bias” of large diameter myelinated sensory nerves with muscles and tendons resulting in restoration of finely tuned coordination of all the muscles around a joint. This greatly adds to joint stability, ease of motion and maximizes muscle strength. This is not intentionally obtained by any other therapy and the results are permanent. The restoration of this level of function is what gives athletes that extra edge they need to perform at their highest level.

We will know if we can help you generally within the first visit or two*. After our examinations and review of findings with you, one of our doctors will perform what we call a “trial visit.” This is where the doctor will work on a couple of the main areas of your dysfunction and see if your pain is reduced and/or your range of motion at the joint is increased. If we get this improvement that we are expecting, then we can accept you as a patient and care can move forward. If we don’t get the response we are looking for within a visit or two, then we might not be able to help you the way we would like to and the doctor will then discuss other treatment options which may be better suited to you. This is our “Clinical Trial Guarantee” because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for care that hasn’t proven it will work for you. 

*for failed back surgeries or other chronic spine-related issues, we offer to treat the condition with what we refer to as the “decade rule.” For instance, if you are 60 years old, our doctors will perform 6 trial visits to see if they can get the expected results before accepting your case or helping direct you to more effective care for you. 

Increased range of motion and decreased pain will be seen on the very first or second “trial visit.” After that, you will continue to build on this success until you have reached the point where you are as good as you can get. The results once achieved are regarded as permanent once the preferred neurological pathways have been re-set back to normal. The doctors will often add “maintenance visits” into the treatment plan at no extra charge just to make sure the results obtained are there to stay.

The fees for Trigenics and the included advanced therapies are about the same as one would expect for any other regular physical therapy or chiropractic care. While some insurance companies will pay for the typical physical therapy and chiropractic spinal adjustments, at the time of this writing, insurance companies do not have a fee schedule for this higher level of care. Once the trial visit(s) confirm that you are a good candidate for care and we are sure we can help you, our doctors will craft a personalized treatment plan for one all-inclusive fee which will include Trigenics and all the therapies necessary to achieve maximum results as quickly as possible. The number of visits (along with the cost each office visit) are never the limiting factor of how much your condition can improve.

Trigenics, through the use of multiple manual therapy procedures applied at the same time, results in the re-setting and normalization of the nerves that control muscle length, strength and coordination with other muscles that stabilize and move a joint. Until this neurological control is restored, stretching and exercising the damaged area will not result in lasting results, and may even cause more harm. Once this normal nerve function is restored, then other exercise and therapy will be much more effective. Our doctors work closely with other physical therapists in the area to make sure you receive the best results possible.

We have worked with hundreds of people with just such a diagnosis and were told they would need surgery or they would never experience relief of their pain. This simply is not true for most of our patients. Once an injury of some sort alters the normal function of a joint and the fine coordination of the muscles that move the joint in a smooth manner is lost, the bones that make up the joint will begin to move out of the center of the joint and cause excess stresses within the joint. Bones will begin to remodel, cartilage will start to rub down and muscles will be injured and cause pain. This process is called arthritis. Even with advanced arthritis, Trigenics has helped restore normal neurological function to the muscles that stabilize and move a joint so that pain is decreased and range of motion is increased naturally. Simply by decreasing the stresses a joint is under allows healing to take place and soon the pain, popping and grinding associated with moving a joint is reduced or goes away entirely. 

Medications can be helpful for temporary relief of pain so one can rest or sleep and not hurt all the time. However, all medications have benefits AND side effects. They are all toxic by their nature. One of the most common medications used in treating joint pain is cortisone. This is a powerful steroid that is usually injected into a joint or around affected muscles and tendons. While cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and may result in temporary pain relief, cortisone injections also destroy cartilage. In the long run, this treatment may actually cause your condition to deteriorate more quickly. This is not the best long term solution to joint pain in our opinion. 

The good news is that Trigenics re-sets nerve communication between the brain and the previously injured body part which results in restoration of normal function. Since normal function is the default back to the normal neurological pathways, the results obtained are permanent, naturally, just like before the injury happened. Once this is achieved, continuous office visits are not necessary to maintain this state of normal function and you can go about your active daily life without worrying about spending time in a doctor’s office unnecessarily.

Yes! This low-force treatment is effective and very safe for people of all ages. Since Trigenics does rely on a mutual partnership between the doctor and patient during the procedures themselves, the doctor and patient do need to communicate and work as a team to achieve the best results.

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