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Dr. Chris Moran

Dr. Chris Moran received his BS degree in Physical Therapy / Physical Education from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1984. While pursuing his dream of playing professional baseball, Chris injured his low back. After other medical treatments failed, the University’s soccer team physician, a Chiropractor, helped resolve the source of Chris’ injury, allowing him to follow his dream professionally. After his baseball career, Chris attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and graduated as a Chiropractic Physician in 1988. Dr. Moran moved to Denver, Colorado where he was first to utilize moving x-ray technology (digital videofluoroscopy) for the evaluation of spinal biomechanics.

Dr. Moran’s interest in nutrition led to Residency training at True North Health Center, an interdisciplinary live-in Health Education Center now located in Santa Rosa, California.

Dr. Moran became a founding partner at Whole Health Traverse City where he specializes in functional neurology and the clinical application of Trigenics, a revolutionary neurologically-based treatment system that reconnects the brain with the rest of the body, immediately reducing pain and increasing range of motion and function. Dr. Moran now specializes in chronic knee and shoulder pain. He is also certified in Chronic Intractable Pain and Neuropathy from American College of Physical Medicine

Dr. Jasman grew up in Standish Michigan. He attended Central Michigan University on scholarship where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and minored in Exercise Science. His interest in anatomy, biology, and physiology along with a drive to help others led him to become a Chiropractic Physician. In 2002 he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree with Cum Laude honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Unsatisfied with the lack of permanent results from traditional chiropractic care, Dr. Jasman has traveled the country studying the most recent and advanced treatment techniques available with an emphasis on Functional Neurology. This search led him to Trigenics and the American Functional Neurology Institute (AFNI). At AFNI and the Carrick Institute, Dr. Jasman has completed hundreds of hours of study and hands-on training as well as final testing to be certified in functional neurology based treatments as well as the Trigenics treatment system. These systems help the body and brain communicate for permanent changes with chronic issues such as frozen shoulder, knee pain, and peripheral neuropathy.

Dr. Jamie Jasman

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Our Trusted Medical Referrals

We also work with some of the best medical professionals in the business!

Phillip Siemer, MD

Co-Founder of the Suttons Bay Medical Clinic, Dr. Siemer, is well known by families in the Suttons Bay area having delivered babies for nearly a decade as a Family Practitioner. As a provider with MDVIP, a national network of Primary Physicians, Dr. Siemer is able to focus on his passion for helping people in the preventive aspect of health. 

Establishing the Suttons Bay Clinic as a Regional Osteoporosis Treatment Center, incorporating the Bale and Doneen Method as a comprehensive tool for evaluating Cardiovascular Risk, and offering effective treatment to reduce those risk factors helps make the Suttons Bay Medical Clinic a valued asset to the community.

Realizing that the body’s innate healing abilities are maximized and optimized by incorporating healthy daily life habits, Dr. Siemer continues to broaden his knowledge and experience through ongoing Doctorate level courses in Functional Medicine. This natural approach to wellness uses diet and lifestyle modifications as well as targeted nutritional supplementation through lab testing to improve quality of life, overall health including mental health and physical function and has even shown improved outcomes following medical procedures. Dr. Siemer’s passion is to find and address each individual’s specific and unique health care needs to help his community live longer healthier and satisfying lives.


Co-Founder of the Suttons Bay Medical Clinic, Dr. Lammy Has been practicing Internal Medicine since 1984. Dr. Lammy is an active member of the nationwide primary care network MDVIP providing personalized primary medical care in addition to regular office visits without the time limitations imposed by unmanageable patient volume. Dr. Lammy also enjoys his status as a Munson HealthCare community affiliate.

Special medical interests include using the Bale and Doneen Method for cardiovascular risk prevention and treatment as well as being established as a Regional Osteoporosis Treatment Center in Suttons Bay, Michigan. Clinical Genetics, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and increasing micro blood flow using Bemer low-frequency electromagnetic field therapy are other areas of modern medical practice Dr. Lammy brings to the table.

Thomas Lammy, MD

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