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  • are frustrated
  • are watching life from the sideline
  • can’t compete at the level you desire because of pain

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Are you looking to decrease chronic joint pain and restore your active lifestyle? Traverse City Knee & Shoulder Solutions stands behind our guarantee: We help those suffering with chronic knee and shoulder pain decrease their pain, restore quality of life and optimize competitive athletic performance.


  • We guarantee results on the first or second visit or the case will not be accepted.
  • We will conduct a clear review of what’s wrong and the pathway to fix it.
  • Results achieved are permanent.


We will get you back quickly to the things you love the most and restore the active lifestyle you enjoy.


Start Healing Chronic Joint Pain

Whether you are a competitive athlete, busy mom, recreational athlete, or active senior – if you are looking for ways to decrease pain and improve your mobility, you are in the right spot! We have individualized programs to meet your specific needs.


Which can you most identify with? Athlete, busy mom, weekend warrior, or active senior?

2. call for appointment

Schedule your consultation and evalution. We will review what is wrong and create a pathway to fix it.

3. unlock your new life

Begin to live the life you love as you experience freedom from the prison of pain.

The Cause of Your Knee and Shoulder Pain is as Unique as You Are!

That's why the Doctors at Traverse City Knee and Shoulder will develop a treatment plan specifically for you based on your unique findings. The latest in nerve-based care and state-of-the-art therapies cover all the bases for you. Take a look below at our complete offering of treatments for various lifestyle avatars. Then visit our dedicated treatment explainer pages for more information.

Choose Your Avatar


Active Senior

WE HELP provide pain relief from chronic arthritis so people can regain their freedom and independence.


Competitive Athlete

WE HELP provide pain relief and creative solutions to help you achieve Peak Athletic Performance. 

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Busy Mom

WE HELP provide pain relief plan so you can get back to fulfilling the important role of mom in your life.


recreational athlete

WE HELP provide pain relief plan so you can get back to fulfilling the important role of mom in your life.


Lloyd G., Elwell, MI

I was facing extensive surgery for torn rotator cuff muscles in both shoulders and now I don’t need it. I had 70% pain relief the first day! (and 80%-90% improved range of motion)

Jalene (age 62), Traverse City, MI

Before Trigenics, my range of motion was very poor. I could not walk very far. I was in chronic pain all the time. After my 10th visit, I was pain-free in both knees, even after walking, being on my feet all day and doing Tai Chi.

Jim, Houghton Lake, MI

I have experienced excellent improvement in my knee function as well as pain relief.

Karen C, Traverse City, MI

After suffering for years with chronic plantar fasciitis, Trigenics has relieved so much pain that I feel years younger and can pursue the activities I love without suffering pain for days afterward.

Stop Pain Today!

Do you want to be healed? Are you done living in the story of pain and limitations? Take the step to freedom from pain TODAY!

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